Severn Wye Energy Agency - UK

We are an independent charity and not-for-profit company which working for a future powered by local energy and free from fuel poverty. We aim to promote sustainable energy and affordable warmth through partnership, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action and to help everyone within the communities we serve to enjoy the benefits that energy can bring without reducing the ability of future generations to do the same.

Our charitable aims are:

•The advancement of education for the public benefit in relation to energy conservation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources of energy

•The relief of fuel poverty and the preservation and protection of health by promoting the efficient use of energy and use of renewable sources of energy

We use our practical expertise to help individuals, groups, businesses and other organisations become more energy efficient and sustainable, and to help people out of fuel poverty. We do this by working from the strategic level through to practical action on the ground, developing projects and solutions, offering impartial advice and technical support, and providing training and education for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our E-seaP Service:

Severn Wye are the organisation that led the development of E-seaP and have nearly 8 years experience of working with prisons in the South West of England and in Wales to support their delivery of more efficient and sustainable operations.

Our staff team includes expertise in education, advice and energy solutions for businesses. You can contact us for:

  • Free telephone consultation about your needs
  • Baseline assessments and action planning
  • Energy surveying and recommendations reporting (that includes no and low cost measures)
  • Bespoke mentoring plans to support you in completing planned action
  • Advice, training and education programmes for managers, staff and offenders
  • Information and help to finance measures
  • Feasibility studies and research into improved energy technologies for your site
  • Formal E-seaP assessment.
  • Training and approval for organisations wishing to become local deliverers for E-seaP.
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