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In its development stage (2013-2014) E-seaP has a total budget € 1,360.000which was 75% funded by the European Commissions’ Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

This allowed 8 European Regions and 17 participant prisons to work with the European Sustainable Energy Award for Prisons (E-seaP) project to establish this international award.

For establishments not already involved and wishing to also enjoy the benefits you need to contact your local delivery team for how they can help you or sign up for an E-seaP account.

We recommend you register now. Creating an account will give you full access to the project resources and online tools and you can find out all about the assessment process and awards by following the links.

In addition, there are a number of ways you can get more involved in the local action of E-seaP to find out more Contact Us

Following its multiple successes and the keen interest generated by E-seaP we are working hard to secure further funding for future implementation. Any expressions of interest in the work we receive can be used to support our efforts to do this, please see the contact details below.

In the meantime aspects of this work and similar services for prisons maybe available to you through the various E-seaP delivery organisations promoted on this site.

If you would like to be involved in future E-seaP programmes as either, a European or national delivery organisation, or participant prison, please contact the coordinators below to be kept informed.

Rachel Close; European E-seaP Coordinator

You can download a small brochure illustrating the project highlights here:

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