Key Benefits

E-seaP supports establishments in improving energy efficiency and sustainability and raising awareness of the associated issues and solutions. Achievement of these goals can bring a number of benefits including potential reduction in running costs. E-seaP offers access to local support teams that can help prisons with advice, access to local financing schemes for efficiency measures and the provision of training and materials for use with staff and offenders. Among E-seap’s principle benefits are the fact it is:

ACTION BASED ASSESSMENT - Acknowledging the varied challenges of energy reduction in prison buildings, this assessment is focused on a prisons’ efforts and strategies for reduction and awareness raising.

A SUPPORT MECHANISM - Gives access to resources and expertise that can enhance and support your work.

BUILDING ON EXISTING PRACTICE - Developed by prison managers and staff, E-seaP is designed to help target existing resources and activity in order to achieve more.

SUPPORTING IMPROVED EFFICIENCY - E-seaP raises the profile of the benefits and ease of energy saving and works to get everyone involved.

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